Elder Care Planning Q & A With Long Term Care Expert [VIDEO]

Elder Care Planning Q & A With Long Term Care Expert [VIDEO]

Don Quante, author of "Don't Go Broke in the Nursing Home" and veteran financial planner joins Mary Jo Irmen to share information about long term care planning and elder care. 

Below are timestamps to help you quickly find the answers you are looking for. 

2:44 - Average Cost of Nursing Home Care as of 2018

3:30 - How Can I stay out of the Nursing Home? 

6:00 - No Plan in place for aging parents? Where to start.

7:19 - Mary Jo's biggest Ah-ha moment from Don't Go Broke in the Nursing Home book.

7:30 - Is LTC policy a farm expense?

9:05 - What options do Veterans have? 

12:00 - What if you don't use the LTC benefit from a policy? What happens?

12:38 - What are the best companies fro Long Term Care policies? 

15:00 - Young Farmer Options and why Long Term Care is important for young farmers.

16:55 - What the Pension Protection Act allows farm families to do.

18:40 - Options and Differences between "Old Fashioned" and "New" Long Term Care policies.

20:40 - What age is best to start a Long Term Care Policy?

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