Seminars Announced for Nebraska Farmers- Grand Island and Omaha

Seminars Announced for Nebraska Farmers- Grand Island and Omaha


Get your calendar and clear the schedule -  Mary Jo and her childhood farm set are headed to Nebraska for two seminars to teach more about "How To Farm Without The Bank."

Farmers and ranchers in the area will learn the basics of the strategy and see how today's banking system isn't setting up the future generation of farmers for success.

This event is 90 minutes long not including questions and answers.

This is the best place to meet Mary Jo and ask your questions about how Farming Without The Bank strategy puts you in control and keeps cash liquid. The content that will be presented is best for all stakeholders in the farm family. 

Grand Island -  7:00pm CST   Saturday, February 10
Nebraska Extension-Hall County, 3180 W Highway 34  |  $25 TO ATTEND   Register for Grand Island

Omaha - 3:00pm CST   Sunday, February 11
Cabelas 12703 Westport Pkway, LaVista NE 68138  |  $25 TO ATTEND  Register for Omaha

Atleast 15 tickets must be sold in order for the seminar to take place. Refunds will be made if the ticket minimum is not met.
Purchase tickets online.

If time allows, Mary Jo willmeet with farmers and ranchers 1-on-1 in Grand Island or Omaha.

She will further demonstrate how the strategy could work within their operation. She'll talk numbers and scenarios. You must have already read the book, Farming Without The Bank or Wealth Without The Bank or Wall Street.

To find out which meetings times are still available call her office at 701-751-3917.

Get Your Copy And Meet With Mary Jo

Mary Jo is proud to be a Certified Infinite Banking Practitioner helping family farms keep more of the profits, create financial systems, and bring financial clarity to an uncertain industry though correctly structured whole life insurance policies. 

Need More Information? Use these books and learn what tool can take away the worry.


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