Leaving a legacy to your family is key to your farms success.

The system of farming and ranching has changed over the last 100 years but financing it has not.

It's a perfect fit, I grew up on a farm/ranch operation and understand what you go through.

You know the saying: you can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. Farming and the love of this lifestyle is in your blood. It doesn't disappear once you arrive in town, wherever that town may be.

What farmers and ranchers do is not easy and income is far from stable — I understand this! My parents were purebred cattle breeders for nearly 30 years and in one day that was gone. I sat in the sale barn and watched the dispersion sale. It's not easy to sit and watch your identity disappear before your eyes. It didn't stop there. I also remember the day my dad had to buy back equipment from my grandparent's auction after they passed away.

When the Infinite Banking Concept was introduced to me I KNEW farmers needed this. It was their saving grace. The one way to take back control of what has been lost for over 100 years to the banks. For years, many told me it wouldn't work. I just wasn't buying it. I refuse to give up on this industry and there is one thing I know — you, farmers, read. You may be stubborn and independent but you read! Many may be scared to start. But heck, I too am stubborn and independent and I wasn't giving up. Neither should you. I put pen to paper and set out to prove to you that it can and will work. Hence, Farming Without the Bank.

It's not easy being in any business and even harder when your livelihood is collateral to your loan and the banks' names are on your "paycheck." Not many understand this. Heck, not many understand why you do what you do every day when that means making no money. However, I do. I understand that love and want to see farms living on for generations to come.

You can't continue to do what you've been doing for the last 100 years and I have made it my mission to change the way farming if financed. There is hope and I love sharing that hope with farmers and ranchers of all shapes and sizes. Make the banks plan B, not Plan A. You may need the bank along the way, but it's time you stop working for them and start working to leave a legacy for your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.


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