10 Hours of Personal Financial Advice for those interested in 

securing their wealth at any income level.

Ramada Hotel and Convention Center

Bismarck, ND

November 17 & 18, 2017
Friday 6:30pm - 9:00pm and Saturday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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This isn’t your typical conference. This will change the way you look at money and how it can best be utilized today and in the future.

There is no other conference like it in this region. 

5 Speakers. 1 Conference. Priceless Knowledge.

You will leave this conference with Financial Confidence and retirement strategies in addition to understanding how our banking system works. As an attendee, you will know what you can do to build wealth in the safest, smartest, steadiest, and most tax-advantage way. You will never question again what the wealthy do to safeguard their money and how to do it yourself.

You will be so excited by the end of the day you may not sleep. The feeling of financial freedom and knowing it's possible is a side-effect of attending and engaging in this information.

These Speakers Are Ready to Meet You:

Mary Jo Irmen

Mary Jo is the owner of FiscalBridge, LLCspeaker and author of the books Farming Without the Bank and Wealth Without the Bank or Wall Street . Since 2011, Mary Jo has worked as a Certified Infinite Banking Practicioner while learning from the creator, R. Nelson Nash. Mary Jo has written on the subject Mr. Nash founded so others can understand the importance of how money works. 

Mary Jo "teaches" this concept so clients know what they are doing and why they are doing it. She is very good at getting that message across and has a teaching style which allows even the novice in finance and money to understand how things work.

​Mary Jo's passion to teach and her energy for The Infinite Banking Concept makes her the perfect conference host. 

Barry James Dyke

Barry James Dyke is a best-selling author, advisor and speaker committed to telling the truth about how Wall Street really works.

An iconoclast, Barry believes that today’s financial service and retirement planning systems continue to serve Wall Street, the government, the media, Ivy League academia and giant asset managers such as mutual funds more than the common man.

Barry and his advisory firm, Castle Asset Management, LLC has made a spiritual, intellectual and professional commitment to act as an economic warrior that looks out for your best interests—not Wall Street. 

Greg Gentry

Greg Gentry is a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and a partner at Randall, Gentry & Pike, P.C.

In a previous life, Greg worked as a biochemist in a research laboratory at Purdue University. Greg melds his scientific background into the practice of law to analytically solve personal and legal problems. While in law school, Greg joined Randall Law Offices, our predecessor firm as a law clerk and was quickly immersed in the world of estate planning. Greg then graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Indiana University McKinney School of Law.

Greg focuses his practice exclusively on estate planning and business planning matters. Greg is licensed to practice law both in Indiana and Florida. In addition to his work at Randall, Gentry & Pike, P.C. Greg has been active with our national group, The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Greg has taken a leadership role in the Network by serving as its Legal Support Director and corporate counsel. Greg is a frequent speaker at the Network’s semi-annual collegium and has presented on topics including decanting, trust beneficiary protection in divorce cases, and trust protectors.

As Legal Support Director, Greg regularly attends the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning, and summarized its legal highlights for the group. Greg is dedicated to using his knowledge of the law to protect his clients’ assets, businesses, and family relationships

Ken Herlihy

Ken is an expert in Long Term Careis a part of the OneAmerica® Care Solutions team and serves as the Regional Sales Director for North Dakota.

Ken's experience in Long Term Care exceeds 30 years and is backed by the Certification. He's passionate about teaching others the value of LTC and how it fits into a healthy retirement plan. He's a graduate of College of Marin in Kenfield, California and began his career in the insurance industry in 1984. 

Kristi Pfleiger-Keller

Kristi is a high-energy speaker and trainer that combines an off-beat season of humor with her "been-there-done-that" work examples.

Whether it's working for a non-profit, in the health care industry, or just being a North Dakota Mom or a Harley rider on the open road, Kristi engages her audience with stories that matter.

Kristi brings a new perspective to how life and finances can be managed to maximize fun, and satisfaction.

We'll be laughing while learning how to master work-life balance and change management. 

5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss This Conference

1. Why accumulate wealth if you don't know how to secure it?

Personal finance is a skill that every person needs no matter their income level. Luckily, skills are learned and this conference is lead by a lifetime learner, author, speaker, and educator, Mary Jo Irmen. She's passionate about sharing her knowledge and leading families to secure financial futures. Mary Jo has been helping people escape the bondage of traditional thinking around finance by educating them to take back control in simple financial terms.  

2. Become one of the 3% who have wealth

Americans are struggling to get by, living pay to pay check, and finding out they are broke when retirement comes. 97% of our population follows the traditional financial advice but never stops to ask why or how they can do this better. When you learn with the other 3% are doing and why they are successfully building wealth you too will see how easy it is to do the same thing.

3. Money and Planning can be fun

Let's be honest here, money is only top of the subject when you are looking for a raise or wanting to buy something. Money is not a fun subject when you are trying to save or prepare for retirement, instead it's stressful. Not only is the conference going to be fun with interaction from the attendees and great speakers but it will make saving and preparing fun when you take the risk out of savings.

4. Retirement Planning Done Right

One of the biggest questions and concerns most have is if this concept is a tool to use now - and later. The answer is yes and the speakers are ready to show you how to use it to reduce your income bracket in the latter years, while maintaining your quality of life. They'll also show you how it differs from the "other" options and why it is far superior. 

5. Defend your stance

Know that you are doing what is right and be able to defend that by knowing the facts and numbers behind what you are doing. Traditional investing has us giving our money to someone else to manage without even an hour of teaching. It's your money and your time to understand how and why it works for you. You will get exactly what you need from every one of these speakers.